Special Event Trainer: Jacqueline Bernal, CPB

Advanced Bookkeeper Certification Course

A 12 month course to advance your bookkeeping skills and grow your business using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.  This course meets bi-weekly for 22 sessions at 3 hours/session (66 hours of classroom training) with a focus on:

  • Increasing your technical knowledge
    · Revenue Canada
    · Alberta Labour Standards
    · WCB, GAAP, and other accounting skills
    · Software programs and apps
  • Increasing your “soft skills”
    · Goal setting and software certifications
    · Communicating and networking with others
    · Overcoming barriers to growth
  • Increasing your “thinking” skills
    · Analyzing problems
    · Identifying client needs
    · “Outside the box” analysis
  • Homework will be assigned
  • All students get a listing on our website and potential referrals to help grow your business.
    · Cost is $ 199.00 / mth plus GST.  Students must commit to the full 12 month program.
Schedule 2018
22 bi-weekly training sessions @ 3 hrs/session = 66 hours in class training
Each class includes a session on “Growing Your Business”, learning the “Rules & Regulations”, and software training or review where applicable
NOTE: This is not a QuickBooks, Excel, or Accounting Training Program.  This is an Advanced Training Program on “rules & regulations”, advanced topics in QuickBooks, and a review of proper accounting procedures.
Session #Date
131-JanIntroductions/Goal Setting/Certifications
214-FebPayroll Session 1: Basic payroll and T4’s, T5018’s, WCB annual return, PIER reports
328-FebIntroduction to completing the year end working papers, setting up your Chart of Accounts, basic financial analysis
414-MarGST Part 1: Introduction to GST
528-MarPayroll Part 2:  Introduction to Alberta Labour Standards incl “Wages vs Earnings”, allowable hours, overtime options, stat holiday pay, terminations, record keeping requirements
611-AprRevenue Canada – Deductible Expenses Part 1: General Expenses
725-AprPayroll Part 3:  Alberta Labour Standards, “Employees vs Subcontractors”, “Special Rules for Managers”
809-MayRevenue Canada – Deductible expenses part 2:  Office in Home, Vehicles, Capital Cost Allowance
923-MayPayroll Part 4:  Employee Benefits – taxable or not?
1006-JunGST Part 2: Reconciling with QuickBooks, manual calculations, Revenue Canada’s “Special Cases”
1120-JunPayroll Part 5:  Protected leave of absences, hiring adolescences and youths, special industries
04-Jul No Class
1218-JulReview & problem solving / make up class in July
01-Aug No Class
1315-AugReview & problem solving / make up class in Aug
1429-AugSoftware options for your business: TSheets, Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, Telpay, Plooto, Aero, and more
1512-SepGovernment websites: ROE on the Web, CRA “Represent A Client”
1626-SepTo Be Determined
1710-OctAdvanced Excel Techniques for Financial Analysis and Reporting
1824-OctTo Be Determined
1907-NovTo Be Determined
2021-NovTo Be Determined
2105-DecPreparing for the Year End: payroll, shareholder withdrawals, preliminary tax calculations
2219-DecReview of past goals, planning for the future, Graduation


  • Understand the following definitions:
    • Debits and Credits
    • Chart of Accounts
    • General Ledger
    • Assets, Liabilities, Equity and what the natural balance should be for each of these
    • Balance Sheet, and what the sections are
    • Income Statement, and what the sections are
  • Understand what Debits and Credits do
  • Know how to prepare a Journal Entry

QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

  • Know the difference between:
    • Write cheque
    • Pay bill
    • Enter credit card charge
    • Sales Receipt
    • Invoice
  • Be able to do a basic “Bank” reconciliation resulting in a “Difference” of zero
  • Be able to set up a new Customer
  • Be able to set up a new Vendor
  • Be able to set up new “items”
  • Manage basic “Preferences”
    • Use Account Numbers
    • Use Classes
    • Change the Desktop View
    • Know how to find the “Items and Inventory” window


  • Format columns to text or numbers
  • Add lines, colours
  • Merge cells
  • Wrap text
  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Insert rows or columns
  • Auto Sum
  • Set margins & orientation

Training Events Trainer: Jacqueline Bernal, CPB

Metro Continuing Education

  • QuickBooks Level 1 Mar 14 – 16, 2018
  • QuickBooks Level 2 Mar 21 – 23, 2018
  • QuickBooks Level 1 May 23 – 25, 2018
  • QuickBooks Level 2 May 30 – June 1, 2018


Special Invite

Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI )

12 month Mentoring Program

  • LSI 1 Detailed Assessment
  • Bi-weekly individual phone meeting: 30 minutes
  • Monthly group meeting with lunch: 3 hours

Special First Time Offer $159 / mth

The LSI assesses and provides feedback on thinking and behavioral patterns that people can change to develop themselves along multiple dimensions, including their ability to understand and manage their emotions.

  • The LSI measures how people think about themselves, their colleagues and their jobs.
  • As one of Human Synergistics first assessments, the LSI has helped millions of people gain self-awareness, as well as an understanding of how their thinking styles impact their overall effectiveness.
  • Clearly describes the individual’s thinking and behavior in ways that promote constructive change.

Jacqueline Bernal, President and CEO of Bernal Business Services Inc, has been recognized by the:

  • American Board of NLP as a Certified NLP Practitioner Coach
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy as a Certified Hypnotherapist
  • The Time Line Therapy Association as a Time Line Therapy Practitioner
  • Human Synergistics as Certified in the use of LSI, WSI, and GSI assessments

Book early as the group will be limited to 10 individuals!

Training Events Trainer: Jacqueline Bernal, CPB

Metro Continuing Education

  • QuickBooks Level 1 Feb 22 – 24, 2017
  • QuickBooks Level 2 Mar 1 – 3, 2017
  • QuickBooks Level 1 May 24 – 26, 2017
  • QuickBooks Level 2 May 31 – June 2, 2017
  • QuickBooks Level 1 Oct 11 – 13, 2017
  • QuickBooks Level 2 Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2017
  • QuickBooks Online Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2017

Anderson Career Training Institute

  • Self-Employment Training Program – Bookkeeping, Dec 21 & 22, 2017
  • Self-Employment Training Program – Bookkeeping, April 26 & 27, 2017


Your Books Done Right

  • Join us for an evening learning and networking session with guest speakers from Intuit & BusinessLink. May 4, 2017

Set-Up & Grow Your Construction Business

  • Jacqueline Bernal will be a guest speaker on April 19th at this Edmonton Construction Association (ECA)